CASTE SK a.s. company specializes in the distribution and sales of soft drinks, wine and beer. Within its portfolio also produces its own brand of energy drinks – Maxx Exxtreme Energy Drink. Also, ensures the production of private label beers and fruit wines for several Slovak retail chains. From abroad imports to the Slovak market assortment of beers and premium branded wines from different wine regions. 

Within its portfolio also produces its own brand of energy drinks – Maxx Exxtreme Energy Drink. It is a popular brand in seven countries, which has been on the market for 13 years, has 12 million cans sold annually.

In 2017, CASTE SK a.s. made an exclusive partnership with Korean OKF Corporation for Slovakia and Hungary. This brand is for many years a guarantor of quality and stability in the segment of ALOE VERA. And therefore, we have decided to distribute and represent this brand on the Slovak market. Currently, the OKF Corporation, is a leader in quality of ALOE VERA.

Since 2012, the company CASTE SK a.s. distributes fruit wines, produced in city Košice, Slovakia. Our credo is to support domestic products and employment in Slovakia. We offer quality products at a low price, made in Slovakia. Part of the production capacity is fermentation laboratory and filling hall where blow moulding and bottling take place.
In order to streamline distribution services abroad, we have set up a distribution company in Czech Republic, CASTE CZ napoje Ltd., Karlovo náměstí 290/16, Prague 2. Our company expanded to foreign markets such as: USA, Nigeria, Spain, Romania, Croatia, Greece, Serbia, Yemen, Cape Town, Lithuania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy.

Currently, the distribution network of our own products has expanded to nearly all the most important retail chains. Among our partners belong: Tesco, METRO, Carrefour, BILLA, COOP Jednota, CBA, Fresh, Terno – Samoška, Bala, DM drogerie markt, Kaufland, Koruna, Iper Tosano, YimoR.

In February 2013, under the motto "Slovak product – let us hold each other", was the production of energy drink Maxx Exxtreme Energy Drink, which carries the symbol of this project on its packing, moved to Slovakia.


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