Since 2013, we produce your favorite energy drink Maxx just in Slovakia. In two sizes, which are now enjoying a completely new design, we offer Maxx classic PET. Classic Maxx Energy Drink ontains the stimulant caffeine and taurine, plus essential vitamins.

As the name of our energy drinks reveals, all the stimulant contents are maxximized – caffeine content is 32mg/100ml and taurine content is 400mg/100ml.

Maxx Energy drinks are offered in convenient packaging - PET bottles with hygienic reclosable cap, which is an invaluable tool for athletes and people living an active lifestyle.

1-liter bottle is sufficient even for the most demanding performance and cute 250ml minipacking will fit in your pocket so you dig your dose of energy at any time.

Popular energy drinks Maxx are also offered in 250ml and 500ml cans in four versions. There is a classic Maxx in black can, which is with its design and taste similar as PET version. Four other flavors will not only catch your taste, but also catch your eyes with their unique design.

Maxximize your energy!