branded wine

We are proud to offer a variety of great branded wines from different wine regions in Hungary.

The best known and most awarded product of the Eger region is red wine Egri Bikavér (bull´s blood).

Vineyard area Eger extends around historic town of Egerin northern Hungary, predominantly volcanic soil rich in minerals, near to springs of thermal waters. Area is protected by surrounding mountains, that make this area characterized by a very long fall. It meets the preconditions for growing grapes with the best qualities and for the production of quality red wine.

However, we offer also less known, but quality and interesting variety of wines Rosé Miracle and White Miracle.

Product name EAN product EAN box Volume Durability pcs pcs layers pcs
Egri Bikavér 8588004346741 8588004346758 0,75l __ 12 144 5 720
Rose Miracle 8588004346208 8588004346215 0,75l __ 12 120 5 600
White Miracle 8588004346222 8588004346239 0,75l __ 12 120 5 600
Vitis Nostra PRIMITIVO 8003625019008 8003625119005 0,75l 6 126 5 630
Vitis Nostra CHIANTI 8003625094043 8003625118565 0,75l 6 120 5 600